Model: GFS (Global Forecast System) Global Model from the "National Centers for Environmental Prediction" (NCEP)
Update: 4 times per day, from 3:30, 09:30, 15:30 und 21:30 GMT
Greenwich Mean Time: 12:00 GMT = 13:00 BST
Parameter: Wind at 900 hPa
Description: This map shows the average wind vector at 900 hPa for every modeled gridpoint (ca. 80 km). Based on the average SLP of about 1010 hPa the equivalent pressure altitude for 900 hPa would be at about 900m a.s.l. (ca. 3000 ft). This map is very useful for gliders and hang-gliders, if their airfield or starting pad is at a low altitude. (wind-converter)